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Published:May 1st, 2010 13:50 EST
frank sinatra

American Idol Contestants To Tackle Frank Sinatra! God Help Us!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"With only four weeks and eight episodes remaining in its not-so-fresh ninth season, American Idol is going to try something a little different next Tuesday: Harry Connick Jr. will be the first guest mentor in the show`s history to arrange the songs and write the orchestrations for the remaining contestants as they tackle the Frank Sinatra songbook."

frank sinatra

Having the likes of Michael Lynche and Aaron Kelly tackle the Frank Sinatra songbook has the potential of being the biggest musical disaster in recorded history.

It takes intelligence, experience and talent to sing like Old Blue Eyes, and the American Idol contestants aren`t up to the task. Sinatra was a master of phrasing and enunciation, Kelly wouldn`t know the art of phrasing from a McDonald`s Happy Meal.

Thank goodness that Harry Connick Jr. will be arranging the songs and writing the orchestrations, the American Idol hopefuls will be able to focus on the singing.

Dear God in Heaven above, I still remember Tim Urban`s reggae reinvention of The Rolling Stones "Under My Thumb".

I`m so sorry Siobhan Magnus has been kicked to the curb, I wonder if she would have ended "My Funny Valentine" with one of her patented screams.

I`m looking forward to watching the disaster!

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