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Published:May 3rd, 2010 12:58 EST
amy winehouse

Amy Winehouse Tried To Become An X Factor Judge

By Robert Paul Reyes

"AMY Winehouse tried to become an X Factor judge but her daddy said NO, NO, NO!
amy winehouse
Camden`s ultimate caner had hoped to stand in for preggers Dannii Minogue during the auditions process.

But worried pa Mitch KO`d her dream because he feared she`d get arrested for being abusive to the wannabes."
A disaster was averted, thank goodness Amy didn`t stand in for Dannii Minogue.
Most aspiring pop singers can withstand the withering criticism of a Simon Cowell, but they would be crushed by the cruel barbs of a drunk Amy Winehouse.
Winehouse is a talented and inspiring performer -- when she`s sober. But when she`s impaired by drugs or alcohol she slurs her words, forgets her lyrics, and stumbles on the stage.
A sober Winehouse would deliver concise and helpful advice to the wannabes, but a cruel drunk would utter whatever stupidity comes to her mind.
Unfortunately, the pop diva is under the influence of alcohol or dugs most of the time. Until she turns over a new leaf nobody should pay good money to watch her perform, and no producer of a talent show should hire her as a judge.

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