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Published:May 6th, 2010 14:00 EST
lee dewyze

Lee DeWyze Next American Idol?

By Robert Paul Reyes

It`s getting serious folks, it`s down to four American Idol finalists. Here`s my thoughts and observations about the final four.

lee dewyzeCASEY JAMES

Casey may lose control of his voice, and he may occasionally lose his confidence when he`s on stage, but he ain`t gonna lose his good looks anytime soon. Will his movie star appeal be enough to go all the way? Casey should pray that his cougar fans won`t be too preoccupied trying to hook up with their gardeners and pool boys to remember to vote for him.

Casey has looks and talent, and he would make an excellent American Idol.


Michael never loses his confidence on stage, in fact his major problem is that he`s too cocky. Will Big Mike`s big ego be too much of an impediment for him to win the crown?


This rocker is comfortable with any genre, if the theme for next week is Albanian country disco fusion, he would still deliver a knockout performance. Lee will probably be our next American Idol.


All season long the judges have lauded Bowersox with praise, practically declaring her the presumptive champion. The last two weeks Crystal wasn`t at the top of her game, and the judges criticized her in very mild terms. Crystal reacted with indignation, you would think they had told her that a crackhead with marbles in her mouth could sing better than her.

Crystal you may have blown your chances!

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