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Published:May 6th, 2010 11:53 EST
lindsay lohan

Perfect Casting: Pop Tart Lindsay Lohan To Play Linda Lovelace

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Can one troubled movie star have insight into another?

Producers of an upcoming film about the 1970s porn scene hope so -- reportedly signing up Lindsay Lohan to play famed adult star Linda Lovelace.

lindsay lohan`We`ve all thought that Lindsay would be a great choice for a while now, and we`re all convinced that she is going to do it,` said `Inferno` producer Wali Razaqi, who confirmed the casting choice to the Los Angeles Times. Read more

The sweet and adorable child star, Lindsay Lohan, was perfectly cast in "The Parent Trap", the 23-year-old washed-up trainwreck is an excellent choice to play a drug-addled porn star.

Lindsay would basically be playing herself, but the producers are still taking a big risk -- Lilo is unreliable and undisciplined, and she probably won`t remember her lines or show up at the set on time.

Lindsay better not blow this opportunity, movie producers aren`t exactly showering her with offers. If the pop tart is serious about reviving her career, she will behave like an angel on the set.

If it turns out that Lindsay doesn`t get the role, at least she should read a biography of Linda Lovelace, it`s a cautionary tale about a young woman who makes the wrong choices and gets involved with drugs.

Sound familiar, Lindsay?

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