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Published:May 7th, 2010 14:03 EST
ryan seacrest

Top Five Ways To Improve American Idol

By Robert Paul Reyes

American Idol may be the most popular show on TV, but its ratings continue their downwards spiral. Some fans of the long-running show argue that "if it ain`t broke, dont fix it", but Idol can be improved by making a few changes.
ryan seacrest
*Go back to three judges.
The focus should always be on the contestants, having four judges takes up too much airtime. Ellen DeGeneres is superfluous, she almost always agrees with Randy.
*Give the judges an elimination vote.
The judges are able to save one contestant, this season they saved Michael Lynche, and he`s made it all the way to the final four. Judges should have the power to eliminate one contestant, who against all odds and commonsense, has made it to the final 12. When a Sanjaya or a Tim Urban sticks around too long, it destroys the credibility of the amateur singing competition.
*Cut back Ryan Seacrest`s role
This season Seacrest has gone bonkers, dancing with audience members, flirting with Adam Lambert, and irritating the hell out of Simon Cowell. Seacrest`s interaction with the judges should be severely restricted, he should only introduce the contestants and give them words of encouragement after they perform.
*No more Ford commercials and group performances
Commercials are a necessary evil, but when they are shown as part of the show they are simply unbearable. Having the contestants sing together is cornier than hell, need I say more?
*Allow the contestants to sing the entire song
If the Ford commercials and group performances are eliminated, and if Seacrest is put in his place, there will be plenty of time for the Idol hopefuls to sing an entire song, and not a truncated version. When a song is cut short it doesn`t do justice to the song or the performer.
If my recommendations are embraced by the American Idol producers it will improve the show.

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