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Published:May 9th, 2010 11:57 EST
betty white

Betty White Shines As Host Of Saturday Night Live

By Robert Paul Reyes

"All it took to reinvigorate a 35-year-old comedy show was the presence of an 88-year-old woman.

betty whiteOn Saturday, after more than 70 years in show business, six Emmy Awards and one improbable Facebook campaign, Betty White finally got her shot at hosting "Saturday Night Live."

Saturday`s show was one of the strongest outings of the season. With energy, enthusiasm and plain old laughs, Ms. White and the `SNL` cast and crew (including an ensemble of recent alumnae) more than delivered on this much promoted episode`s promise."

I`ve been waiting for a long time for Betty White to host Saturday Night Live, and I wasn`t disappointed, the Queen of Comedy was hilarious, vulgar, and most of all charming.

Betty White didn`t make a token appearance, she appeared in every skit. The 88-year-old entertainer had as much energy as the youngest member of the SNL ensemble cast.

Next week the host of SNL will be a hot actor who looks like a vampire or a beautiful pop diva who looks like a skeleton. But for one magical night a consummate professional, who`s no spring chicken, ruled the roost.

Most injustices in life are never corrected: The brilliant but unappreciated actor never gets to play the main role, the hardworking and caring teacher is never promoted to principal. But thank goodness that the funniest woman in show business finally got her due.

Can someone please start a Facebook page to lobby to make our beloved comedian a permanent cast member of SNL?

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