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Published:May 14th, 2010 10:40 EST

A Very Interesting Miracle

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

Many years ago, having a beer in a garden-pub in Lubeck, Germany, I guessed the name and the last name of the waitress, correctly.
Many years ago, after a couple days` visit to Travemunde Beach, I was having a beer in a garden-pub in Lubeck, near the station,  waiting for the evening train to Stockholm.

I was so impressed by the beauty of the waitress, I prayed to God, to tell me her name, so I could surprise her. I heard a whisper in my head : "Her name is I.S.!"  (I can`t spell out the full name, as I don`t have her permission for this.)  When she passed by my table again, I stopped her and asked her if her name was I.S.
Thoroughly surprised, she asked me how I know her name. She said, that she had just started to work there an hour ago, not even her colleagues knew her name. Only the chef

of the pub knew her name and he had left the pub an hour ago. She had written her name on a tag, but didn`t find time to pin it on her blouse even. She took it out of her small pocket and pinned it on her blouse. It read I.S. I was also very surprised. But, this was the truth.

It was a miracle. I explained the truth to her. She sat a few minutes at my table. She told me
she was studying violin at the  Conservatorium at Kiel, a near-by town, and was engaged to a young man who was also studying violin there. There was nothing to do. She said, if she were not engaged, she would come to me to Stockholm, as I lived there. The pleasant miracle and the surprise had to end there. Sadly, I  left the pub after a while, to take my train to Stockholm.
Many miracles, big and small happened in my life. I hear and read they also happen to many other people. I am not alone, we are not alone in life. I am convinced a power watches us, helps us and sometimes punishes us.

Thirty unusual happennings of this kind, which I experienced , I related in my book, "SMALL MIRACLES" - ISBN 1598001000 (Outskirts Press)  The book has received attention in India as well and it will also be published in India by Prakash Books, this year.

As for now, it is available, at 200 internet bookstores under my name, Askin Ozcan, and
via 25.000 bookstores by giving its ISBN number.
As wholesale, it is distributed by

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