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Published:May 19th, 2010 14:45 EST
amy winehouse

Amy Winehouse Back In Hospital

By Robert Paul Reyes


"IT`S normally a shock when top artists are hospitalised... but not when it`s AMY WINEHOUSE.

The troubled singer, who has once again binned her junkie ex-husband BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL, was admitted to The London Clinic in Mayfair at the weekend after a heavy session.

amy winehouseIt`s her fourth hospital visit in six months and a source said: `She`s there because she had a load to drink and was really unwell afterwards. Not just sick, really poorly.`" Read More

It`s certainly not a shock that Amy Winehouse has been hospitalized for drinking too much, that`s about as surprising as Lindsay Lohan having a catfight with her sometime girlfriend Samantha Ronson or Oprah Winfrey making six trips to the buffet table. When a singer spends more time in rehab centers and hospitals than she does in the studio, that`s not a very promising sign for her career.

The London Clinic should name a wing of the hospital after the troubled singer, or at least a toilet bowl. I imagine the alcoholic artist spends more time kneeling in front of a toilet than she does in front of her computer composing songs.

A friend of Winehouse said that the drug-addled superstar was happy to spend a few days in the hospital because "she really likes it in there." Of course she does, drugs and alcohol have rendered Winehouse helpless and unable to care for herself. In the hospital she has breakfast in bed, and she probably doesn`t have to leave her bed to answer nature`s call.

Winehouse goes from bars to rehab centers to hospitals, but her next stop might be the morgue. Wake up you besotted fool!

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