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Published:May 21st, 2010 12:16 EST
bret michaels

Bret Michaels Back In Hospital With Warning Stroke And Hole In Heart

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Bret Michaels suffered a serious setback in his recovery from a brain hemorrhage, experiencing a small "warning stroke" that sent him to the hospital, where tests then revealed he also has a hole in his heart.

bret michaels

Both conditions are treatable and are not believed to be connected to his subarachnoid hemorrhage. But his doctor questioned whether Michaels can return as hoped to the May 23 finale of Celebrity Apprentice or to a concert on May 28." Read More

Bret Michaels is a fighter as evidenced by his quick recovery from a brain hemorrhage, and his plans to return to the finale of Celebrity Apprentice. But Michaels isn`t Superman, and the "warning stroke" is nature`s way of telling him to slow down.

Bret has a strong work ethic, and he has earned the right to take it easy for a few months, and concentrate on getting well. Bret should clear his calendar of all events, and spend the rest of year recuperating and just hanging out with his family and friends.

Bret`s legions of fans would love to see him return to the concert stage this year, but we are willing to wait until he can return to the rigors of touring.

Bret your fans love you, take it easy dude!

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