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Published:May 23rd, 2010 11:53 EST
lady gaga

Superstar Lady Gaga Forbids Dancers From Having Sex While On Tour

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Lady Gaga has also sparked controversy over her strange requests on tour, one of them being that her dancers are banned from having sex during the tour because she wants them to `make love to her on stage`, the Daily Star Sunday reported.

lady gaga`She wants them to give 100 per cent on stage so she doesn`t want them wasting any energy on bedtime action`, a tour source told the newspaper.

And Gaga is definitely using the sexual tension to her advantage on stage - in some routines she pretends to have sex with a few of the dancers and wants them to look as real as possible." Read More

On the Paris leg of her world tour Lady Gaga has been donning many Madonna-inspired outfits. Lady Gaga isn`t only looking like Madonna she is acting like her with her eccentric diva behavior.

Lady Gaga is a leader of a cult, and her devotees who call themselves "monsters", dress like their idol, and obey her every command. Needless to say, they rail against infidels who criticize her music or her weird personality.

Like an deity worth his salt, Lady Gaga even controls the sex lives of her employees. Lady Gaga has banned her dancers from having sex during the tour because she wants them to focus all their energy on her.

I think Lady Gaga is an enormously talented entertainer, but I`m not going to give up sex for her or anybody else.

We must not lose sight of the fact that Lady Gaga is a marketing genius, the "no sex" command to her dancers is probably just a brilliant publicity stunt.

Rock on Lady Gaga, I`m not one of your monsters, but I give you my props.

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