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Published:May 25th, 2010 01:38 EST

Did Lion Almost Devour Cougar Madonna?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Madonna was almost eaten alive by a lion on a music video set, an author claims.

madonnaThe star is said to have been filming a promo for Like A Virgin when the 1,600lb beast approached her because she was menstruating.

Madonna was saved when handlers on the 1984 shoot enticed the lion away with a `choice hunk of unrefrigerated horse meat`, according to film producer Sharon Oreck`s book Video Slut. Read More

A lion may have devoured the fresh and nubile 20-something Madonna, but the King of Beasts wouldn`t dare challenge the 50-something cougar. If a lion dared approach Madonna, all the ageing diva would have to do is flash her wrinkled hands and the lion would shrink away in abject horror.

Thank god the lion didn`t eat Madonna back in 1984, the Queen of Pop released many excellent albums in the 80s and 90`s.

If the cougar were devoured by a lion today, it would be a tragic loss for her friends, family and toy boys. But it wouldn`t be a devastating loss for the world of music, the old gal hasn`t released a good album in over a decade.

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