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Published:May 25th, 2010 18:10 EST
lady gaga

Does Lady Gaga Have Lupus?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Ever since she nearly collapsed on stage in March and had to cancel several shows earlier this year citing exhaustion, Lady Gaga has had pals worrying if she`s on the verge of tipping.

lady gagaAnd now the pop star`s latest health scare probably isn`t helping to alleviate those fears.
`I`m very connected to my aunt, Joanne, who died of lupus,` she tells The Times of London. `It`s a very personal thing.`

When asked if she`s been tested, Gaga, 24, says `yes,` without elaborating on the results, adding that she doesn`t `want anyone to be worried` even though the disease, in which the immune system attacks the body, can be genetic."

"Lupus most often harms the heart, joints, skin, lungs, blood vessels, liver, kidneys, and nervous system. The course of the disease is unpredictable, with periods of illness (called flares) alternating with remissions. The disease occurs nine times more often in women than in men, especially between the ages of 15 and 50, and is more common in those of non-European descent."


Regardless of what you think of Lady Gaga as a performer or as a person, you have to admire her tireless work ethic. Lady Gaga is constantly touring, making personal appearances, and recording new material.

So far nothing has stopped Lady Gaga, not haters, bad press, or anything else. But Lupus is a serious disease, and I hope that Gaga makes time in her busy schedule to relax every once in a while.

Gag`s thin physique is a concern to her friends and fans, come on girlfriend, put some meat in those bones.

Lady Gaga is very young, and hopefully she will have a long and fruitful career.

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