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Published:May 25th, 2010 01:22 EST
lindsay lohan

Judge Orders Lindsay Lohan To Wear Alcohol Monitoring Device

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Actress Lindsay Lohan was fitted with an alcohol monitoring device on Monday and ordered to undergo weekly random drug and alcohol testing after failing to appear for a probation hearing last week in a 2007 drunk driving case.

lindsay lohan

Brushing aside objections that the device would interfere with Lohan`s upcoming projects, Beverly Hills judge Marsha Revel said the 23-year-old actress must now be tested for drug and alcohol use every week in Los Angeles." ABCNews.Com

The alcohol monitoring device won`t interfere with any of Lohan`s projects, record companies and movie producers aren`t flooding the troubled starlet with offers.

Lohan complained that wearing the device would interfere with plans for a photoshoot. The disgraced actress should go ahead with the photoshoot, if the pop tart is photographed wearing the device it will serve as a reminder to her fans that living a profligate lifestyle will lead to humiliation.

The device will interfere with Lohan`s night life, if she can`t go to the club to drink and consume controlled substances she might as well stay home and tweet about how the device doesn`t match her leggins.

Lohan should be fitted with a chastity belt to match her alcohol monitoring device. Lohan can`t go to any club in the world without bumping into guys and gals that she`s slept with -- thank goodness she hasn`t had a baby. A Lindsay Lohan baby will throw a tantrum if his bottle isn`t filled with vodka.

Girlfriend better not sneak a couple of drinks or try to tamper with the device, those devices are tamper-proof.

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