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Published:May 26th, 2010 17:52 EST

Scary Rumor Hits Internet: Madonna To Replace Simon Cowell

By Robert Paul Reyes


"According to Perez Hilton, sources close to show boss Simon Fuller would very much like to bring the Material Girl on board as the head judge."

madonnaAmerican Idol has been in a ratings decline the last couple of years and Simon Cowell`s departure from the long-running show couldn`t come at the worst time. Many people tune in to Idol primarily to hear Cowell`s snarky comments.

It`s imperative that the producers of the hit Fox show hire a big name celeb to replace Cowell, but Madonna? I don`t think so!

The Material Girl is too much of a diva, she snaps at her dancers if they make a wrong move. Madge would be brutal on the contestants, she would make Simon look like Mother Teresa.

Madonna is played out, she hasn`t had a hit since Lindsay Lohan was in diapers. How can the old gal give credible advice to the young amateurs on how to make it in today`s music scene?

How can Madonna be a judge when she`s too busy chasing young boys, adopting babies from Africa, hawking adult diapers, and pretending she`s a movie director?

Madonna does not play well with others, she would destroy the show`s chemistry.

I beg the producers of American Idol: Don`t even think about it, Madonna will be a disaster as a judge.

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