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Published:May 28th, 2010 11:57 EST
gary coleman

Gary Coleman On Life Support! Pray For The Tiny Terror

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Former child star Gary Coleman was hospitalized in critical condition in Utah. The Utah Valley Regional Medical Center confirmed that the 42-year-old was admitted on Wednesday, but could not release any details.

gary coleman

In February, Coleman suffered a seizure on the set of `The Insider.` He has also suffered from continued poor health from the kidney disease he suffered as a child. He has had at least two kidney transplants and has ongoing dialysis. Last fall, he also had heart surgery that was complicated by pneumonia." Read More

Coleman has survived myriad trials and tribulations; let`s hope he pulls through once again.

Gary Coleman enjoyed tremendous success as a child actor in the sit-com "Diff`rent Strokes", but as an adult he has been cursed with financial, legal and health problems.

Reality shows on obscure cable networks are the refuge of former child stars and drug-addled celebs, but even these programs won`t touch the diminutive actor with a ten-foot pole.

A dispassionate observer might come to the conclusion that Coleman`s life has been a colossal disaster, but I beg to differ...

As "Arnold" on "Diff`rent Strokes" Gary Coleman popularized the catchphrase "What choo talkin` `bout, Willis?" With this immortal phrase Coleman has enriched pop culture for generations to come.

I have uttered "What-choo talkin` about Willis" hundreds of time. A friend and I were discussing the metaphysical lessons of "Lost", and a fool interrupted us with this gem: I think the Smoke Monster represents the angst of disillusioned youth. Before my friend could blurt "F-Off", I exclaimed "What choo talkin` bout, Willis? Properly chastised, the idiot slithered away.

If your girlfriend surprises you by declaring "Honey I got us tickets to the premiere of "Sex and the City 2", if you don`t faint straight away, you can stop her cold in her tracks by shouting "What choo talkin` bout Willis?" These pregnant words lets her know in no uncertain terms that you`d rather be barbequed alive than attend the Mother of all Chick Flicks.

"What choo talkin` bout, Willis?" is a rhetorical question, and if a fool dare respond, he does so at his own peril!

Coleman`s epitaph should read simply: What choo talkin` bout, Willis?

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