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Published:May 31st, 2010 06:46 EST
lady gaga

Lady Gaga Buys Round Of Drinks For Elderly Boozers At A Pub

By Robert Paul Reyes


"LADY GAGA gave elderly locals quite a shock by turning up for a drinks session in a Birmingham boozer.

That girl would stand out anywhere - let alone a Midlands pub. But oddball GaGa quickly won the regulars over by picking up the tab for the whole bar - and leaving a massive tip." Read more

lady gaga

I hope none of those elderly alcoholics had to change their Depends when they noticed Lady Gaga sashay into their pub. A couple of them may have given up drinking for good when the always outrageously attired Lady Gaga made her appearance.

How do you win boozers over? Duh, just buy them drinks. Hitler could have won those drunks over by buying a round of drinks.

But I applaud Lady Gaga for her generosity, the lady even left a humongous tip.

It should be noted that Lady Gaga is not a drunkard, girlfriend has an incredible work ethic, and she`s not about to let alcohol or drugs interfere with her career. In fact Lady Gaga was penning a new song at the bar. You go girl!

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