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Published:June 1st, 2010 12:51 EST
britney spears

Britney Spears: Queen Of Twitter

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Britney Spears has overtaken actor Ashton Kutcher to become the most popular Twitter user. In the process, she became the first person to gain more than five million followers. Kutcher had been the first person to pass a million.

britney spears

Spears` follower count currently stands at 5,015,346 while Kutcher is in second place with 4,907,608. After passing Kutcher, Spears responded to the achievement by tweeting:

`This is really amazing! I love you all! I better get busy writing 4,947,608 thank you notes! U guys make me so happy`"

Is it any wonder that a twit like Britney Spears would set a record for the most Twitter followers? Twitter was tailor-made for Britney, it`s a medium that allows her to share her vacuous thoughts with her fans, without having to worry about grammar, syntax or logic.

Maybe I`m just jealous, I`ve been on Twitter for almost a year, and I have less than 300 followers. Maybe if I released pop fluff, attacked photographers, and got plastered drunk...

I just became a follower of Britney Spears, I figure that`s the least I can do, she`s provided me with enough fodder for countless essays.

Congratulations Britney on your dubious achievement, but look out newcomer Lady Gaga will soon surpass you.

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