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Published:June 4th, 2010 12:37 EST
debbie harry

Debbie Harry, 64, Still Rocking! Where Will Lady Gaga Be In 10 Years?

By Robert Paul Reyes

The blond (bleached or natural) bombshell singer is a staple of pop music, from Debbie Harry of Blondie to Madonna to Lady Gaga there`s always been a blonde hottie ruling the charts.

debbie harryLady Gaga is the blond pop princess of the moment, and even though Madonna is decades past her prime she still gets a lot of ink.

But Debbie Harry doesn`t get the attention or recognition that she deserves. Harry wasn`t a bimbo blond, she was the frontwoman of Blondie, at a time when not many women were fronting rock groups. Harry also had success as a solo artist, releasing several albums.

Debbie was a true innovator, Blondie`s song "Rapture" was the first rap single to reach number one on the US billboard Chart..

In the late 70s every club was playing the new wave/disco hits of Blondie. Harry, soon to be 65, is still rocking all these years later. This summer she will be touring Australia with the Pretenders. (another great band.) Harry will also be releasing a new Blondie album with her old bandmates.

I urge Lady Gaga fans to check out Harry`s videos on YouTube. It`s talented artists like Debbie Harry who paved the way for the success of Lady Gaga.

Maybe Lady Gaga and Debbie Harry can collab?

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