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Published:June 4th, 2010 14:45 EST
amy winehouse

Would You Let Amy Winehouse Kiss You?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Amy Winehouse has been in a good mood ever since a new man came into her life, and she was seen spreading the good cheer by snogging random strangers of both sexes. Winehouse, 26, enjoyed a wild night out in London`s Soho, where she was seen consuming plenty of booze, reports the Sun." Read More

I saw images of Amy Winehouse French-kissing strangers of both sexes on several Web sites. The web sites of these British tabloids will drive away visitors if they continue to post freakish pics of the troubled singer.

amy winehouseI wouldn`t allow the drug-addled crooner to get anywhere near me; I`d rather be kissed by Joan Rivers when she`s having a bad Depends day.

What a perfect way for Amy Winehouse to keep the new man in her life: Get plastered and snog a bunch of strangers.

The crazy chanteuse needs to spend less time in pubs kissing strangers, and more time in the recording studio.

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