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Published:June 5th, 2010 12:03 EST

Amy Winehouse's New Boyfriend Doesn't Want To Let Go Of Old Girlfriend

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Amy Winehouse`s new boyfriend Reg Traviss is reportedly still dating a burlesque dancer.

However, Traviss has reportedly been dating burlesque dancer Raven Isis Holt, 25, for the last two years and she claims they are still together." Read More

Traviss is a film director, and when he needs a bit of publicity to hype his latest project he will hit the pubs with trainwreck Amy Winehouse. The crazy chanteuse attracts the paparazzi like a corpse attracts maggots.

But when Traviss is attending a prestigious film festival and he wants to make a good impression he takes his burlesque dancer gal pal with him.

Traviss is a smart man, when you are dating a crackhead crooner, it`s always a good idea to have a more respectable girlfriend on the side.

Of course Amy has a dozen lovers on the side. Oh what fun it is to be a celeb!

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