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Published:June 8th, 2010 15:31 EST
sandra bullock

Sandra Bullock And Scarlett Johansson Smooch On MTV Movie Awards

By Robert Paul Reyes

America`s sweetheart, Sandra Bullock, made her first live TV appearance since ditching her womanizing husband, Jesse James, at MTV`s Movie Awards Sunday night. The 45-year-old actress was presented with the MTV Generation Award for her career achievements.

sandra bullockBullock won the audience`s affection with her charm, wit, and her smooch with Scarlett Johansson.

"When Bullock asked why Johansson was there, Johansson hinted that after watching Bullock kiss her husband, Ryan Reynolds, in `The Proposal,` she was curious about the actress` talents.

Bullock took the bait and gave Johansson an awkward kiss on the mouth."

Recently there`s been a slew of female celebs coming out of the closet as lesbians or bi-sexuals. It seems that the stars who haven`t declared their homosexuality, have at least felt the urge to lock lips with other women.

I`ve lost track of the hot celebs who have kissed other women in public, Even Miley Cyrus, trying to ditch her Hannah Montana image, recently engaged in a simulated lesbian kiss.

It`s terrific that female entertainers openly express their sexuality, but some prudes and homophobes get their panties in a twist whenever they witness expressions of lesbian love.

Now that America`s sweetheart, Sandra Bullock, has publicly kissed a hot actress, maybe lesbian love will be accepted as normal even in the Bible Belt. Yeah, I know it will take time, but we are making progress.

How about some male celebs coming out of the closet?

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