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Published:June 8th, 2010 15:39 EST
tom cruise

Tom Cruise: The Dancing Freak

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Tom Cruise has had decent dance moves since Risky Business. But he took things to a whole new level Sunday at the MTV Movie Awards - grinding his way through a hilarious routine in character as Tropic Thunder`s comically crass film producer Les Grossman.

tom cruise

Cruise, 47, showed off the foul-mouthed, balding, hairy-armed Grossman`s smooth, not-very-sexy moves in a dance-off with Jennifer Lopez on her song `Get Right.`"

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We all remember the iconic scene from "Risky Business" where a young Tom Cruise cranked up the stereo, and danced around the living room in his tighty whities to the tune of "Old Time Rock and Roll."

Well friends and neighbors, the 47-year-old Tom Cruise got down last night at the MTV Movie Awards, making the younger version of himself look like a guy with two left feet.

Cruise rocked the house, dancing with former fly girl Jennifer Lopez. Even all the homeboys in the audience gave it up for the middle-aged actor/dancer.

Finally, it`s safe to like Tom Cruise again. After his Scientology foolishness and Oprah Winfrey jumping on the sofa madness, I never thought I would warm up to him again.

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