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Published:June 9th, 2010 13:53 EST
amy winehouse

Amy Winehouse's Mom Can't Believe Amy Has Normal Boyfriend

By Robert Paul Reyes

"It looks as though the days when Amy Winehouse`s parents didn`t approve of her choice of men, are over.

amy winehouseBecause Amy`s mum, Janis has revealed that she is more than happy about Amy`s new relationship with film maker, Reg Traviss.

Speaking to Grazia, Janis said: `I`m really looking forward to meeting him. Their relationship is a gift from the gods.`"

Amy Winehouse`s new boyfriend, movie director Reg Traviss, is a quantum leap improvement over her junkie ex-husband. It`s like trading in a Ford Pinto with a gas tank that just exploded for a cherry red Ferrari.

Amy`s mom is so thrilled with her daughter`s new boyfriend, that she describes their relationship as a "gift from God." I wouldn`t describe their relationship in those terms, that implies that the Almighty is a sadistic being who would saddle a decent young man with a crackhead girlfriend.

Love is blind, and apparently Traviss can`t see Amy`s orange tan, fish lips, and horrendous plastic boobs. Maybe Travis isn`t blind to Amy`s imperfections, and he figures that her tremendous wealth outweighs her many faults.

Amy will never have a successful relationship until she gives up the booze and the controlled substances. The supernatural entity responsible for this coupling isn`t God, but the devil. Let`s hope that Traviss realizes that he has been led astray by Satan, and kicks Amy Winehouse to the curb.

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