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Published:June 11th, 2010 14:32 EST
amy winehouse

Amy Winehouse A Movie Star? When Pigs Fly!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"AMY Winehouse is setting her sights on Hollywood after admitting she fancies her chances as a film star.

The talented jazz singer, 26, is hoping to carve out a career as an actress, telling friends she is obsessed with Marilyn Monroe, below.

amy winehouse

A family friend told us: `Amy has enrolled for acting lessons at the Central School of Speech and Drama in north London.`"


Amy Winehouse is such a drug-addled mess that she`s unable to discipline herself to get serious about recording a new album. The crazy chanteuse has been working on a CD, on and off, for over two years.

If Wino is unable to release a new record or complete a performance without slurring her words, how the hell is she going to be able to show up on a movie set on time and memorize her lines?

Why would any Hollywood producer worth his salt take a gamble on Amy Winehouse? The only part that Amy could convincingly play is a crackhead or a hooker, and a producer could hire a crackhead off the street for a fraction of the price he would have to be Winehouse.

America has enough problems coping with the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Lil` Kim, the Kardashian sisters, and Britney Spears, our government should deny Winehouse a visa.

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