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Published:June 14th, 2010 11:49 EST
paris hilton

Who Is The Biggest Airhead: Barbie Or Paris Hilton?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Socialite Paris Hilton has laughed off criticism that she looked like plastic doll Barbie while walking down the ramp in Brazil, saying she`s flattered by the comparison.

Hilton isn`t letting the criticism affect her. `I take it as a compliment. Barbie is one of my idols,` she posted a message on her Twitter page."

paris hilton  

The fact that Hilton is flattered by the comparison to a doll that is symbolic of superficiality and artificiality speaks volumes about the airhead celeb.

Hilton and Barbie have a lot in common, but perhaps the biggest similarity is the size of their brains.

Barbie has more serious concerns than Paris. Barbie worries that her boyfriend Ken might be gay, Paris worries that her tiny pooch doesn`t accessorize well with her new skanky dress.

I`d rather play with Barbie than engage in a conversation with Paris Hilton.

Let me sum things up in Twitterspeak: OMG Paris Hilton is like so lame!! LOL, Barbie is way more cool than Paris!!

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