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Published:June 14th, 2010 12:23 EST
amy winehouse

Yes, Yes, Yes! Amy Winehouse Goes To Rehab To Keep Her New Man

By Robert Paul Reyes

"AMY WINEHOUSE has spent the weekend drying out - in an effort to keep her man.

The singer had a skinful last week and was admitted to her favourite hospital, The London Clinic, on Friday.
She spends more time there than anywhere else."

amy winehouse
Amy Winehouse spends so much time at the London Clinic, they should new a wing after her. Maybe it would be more appropriate to name a toilet bowl after her, since the troubled singer spends so much time kneeling before the toilet bowl puking her brains out.

Amy`s new boyfriend, Reg Traviss, isn`t a spaced-out junkie, he`s a scholar, a gentleman and a respected film producer. Although he may be completely insane if he`s interested in the crazy chanteuse.

Amy wants to keep her new man, she`s making a genuine effort to stay sober. Amy needs to get it together for her own sake.

Free advice for Amy: If you want to keep your new lover you also need to deflate your huge fake boobs and wipe that ridiculous orange tan from your face.

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