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Published:June 22nd, 2010 16:46 EST
lindsay lohan

Pop Tart Lindsay Lohan To Pose Nude In Campaign To Sell Handbags

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The always interesting Lindsay Lohan is expanding her 6126 fashion brand into handbags and accessories.
lindsay lohan
And what better way to promote such a move than by posing in your birthday suit?"
Lindsay Lohan didn`t have the vocal prowess to make it as a singer, and her acting skills have eroded due to her alcohol and drug addictions.
Now Lohan can only rely on her anorexic body to make a few books. What a pathetic sight, the skeletal Lohan posing nude to sell handbags and other accessories.
Hopefully women and young girls will have enough sense not to buy anything from Lohan`s fashion line, why enable a washed-up druggie?
I`m not interested in ogling the nude Lohan, but I really want to look in her handbag, it would answer the age-old question: What`s in a hoe`s bag?

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