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Published:June 23rd, 2010 14:19 EST
amy winehouse

Enrique Iglesias Verbally Slaps Down Amy Winehouse

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Enrique Iglesias had to call for quiet while performing at a party in London this week when Amy Winehouse made noises, disrupting the Latin heartthrob`s set.

amy winehouse

Enrique Iglesias is an unassuming gentleman, and I imagine him always acting with grace and decorum. The Latin superstar is the last person I would expect to put train wreck Amy Winehouse in her place.

But when the crazy chanteuse was acting up while he was performing his hit song "Hero", our hero shouted:
`Guys, come on! There`s too much noise. It`s like playing at a f****** Russian wedding but we don`t get paid. This is Lucian Grainge - come on."

Enrique should be commended for expertly handling Amy`s interruption, low class people only respond to a verbal slap on the face.

I wish everyone would deal with the troubled singer in the same manner. When Winehouse acts up in a bar, the bouncers should kick her to the curb. When she slurs her words during a concert, the audience should shout "crackhead", and demand a refund.

You don`t cast pearls before swine, and you don`t use sweet words with a crackhead who is causing a scene. You go Enrique!

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