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Published:June 23rd, 2010 13:21 EST
lady gaga

Jerry Seinfeld Hatin' On Lady Gaga

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Jerry Seinfeld recently tore into Lady Gaga and her recent antics at Citi Field. After the singer flipped the bird at a baseball game and spent time in the comedian`s empty suite, Seinfeld told WFAN radio `This woman`s a jerk. I hate her. I can`t believe they put her in my box, which I paid for.`" Read More

Seinfeld is a comic and he will say anything for a few laughs, but I think he`s really upset at Lady Gaga. Seinfeld is a true blue Yankees fan, and he doesn`t appreciate anyone flipping the bird at a Yankees game.

lady gagaLady Gaga was wearing a Yankees jersey and panties (no pants or skirt) when she was cavorting in Seinfeld`s luxury box. I would recommend that Seinfeld have his box fumigated.

Seinfeld should sue the Yankees organization, how dare they let her use the comic`s suite without asking for his permission. Seinfeld is the master of his domain, and that includes his luxury box.

When Lady Gaga flipped the bird at the Yankees they should have thrown her out of the game instead of upgrading her to a luxury suite.

The whole world may have gone gaga for Lady Gaga, but childish and vulgar behavior shouldn`t be tolerated from anyone, including Lady Gaga.

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