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Published:June 27th, 2010 10:28 EST
amy winehouse

Don't Touch Amy Winehouse's Ratty Hair, She May Punch You

By Robert Paul Reyes

Jack White recalled Amy Winehouse`s 2008 Glastonbury show - at which she punched a fan - during his band The Dead Weather`s performance at the festival today (June 26).

The band were playing on the Pyramid Stage this afternoon when White told the audience he had watched Winehouse famously strike the fan as she performed on the same stage two years ago with The Raconteurs.

amy winehouse

`It wasn`t too long ago I saw Amy Winehouse give someone a smack here for someone touching her hair,` he said." Read more

Amy Winehouse is a gifted singer/songwriter, but the the crazy chanteuse has made such a mess out of her life that the focus in no longer on her music.

Her fans rarely say, "do you remember that concert a year ago where Amy brought the house down with her soulful rendition of "Rehab"? They are more likely to say, "Do you memba that concert in LA where Amy was too drunk to finish her set?"

It`s a shame that Winehouse`s breathtaking talent is getting lost amidst her drunken antics. Amy better get her act together before it`s too late.

I can`t believe that Winehouse punched someone for touching her hair, how can anyone within a mile radius of Amy`s humongous beehive hairdo not touch her hair?

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