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Published:July 3rd, 2010 12:16 EST
amy winehouse

Amy Winehouse Gives Fans Double Treat: Passes Out Candy And Exposes Boob

By Robert Paul Reyes

With her wild-girl reputation, Amy Winehouse isn`t known for being a sweet girl.

amy winehouse
However, last night, the singer proved she does have a softer side " by handing out jelly babies.
After enjoying an evening in one of her favourite haunts " the Hawley Arms in Camden " the 26-year-old dished out the colourful sweets which she carried in a large container.
However, she also gave onlookers a little more than they bargained for after a "wardrobe malfunction` meant her right breast was exposed."

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When I think of Amy Winehouse, which I frequently do (call me sick), the following words usually come to mind: Troubled, outrageous, scandalous, drug-addled, alcoholic...
I don`t associated the word "sweet" with the crazy chanteuse, but the troubled singer was acting sweet when she handed out candy as she steeped out of a pub.
I`m giving Amy the benefit of the doubt that the sweets were coated with controlled substances.
Amy is still a long way from becoming Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, while she was passing out jelly babies one of her enormous boobs popped out. Hello!!! Now there`s some eye candy.

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