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Published:July 3rd, 2010 13:22 EST

Helen Reddy: Madonna Responsible For Girls Dressing Like Skanks

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Australian pop icon Helen Reddy has blasted Madonna for setting the wrong example for young girls who want to dress like her.
`The I Am Woman` hitmaker, who has retired from music since releasing her Grammy-winning hit in 1970, was left shocked during a recent shopping trip for innerwear as the store`s selection was too racy. And Reddy blames the Madonna for inspiring girls to dress like strippers."
I am no prude, I`m down with nude beaches and nude resorts, but Helen Reddy has a valid point. Madonna and her progeny (Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga) have equated dressing like a skank with women`s empowerment.
How does Miley Cyrus who is a couple of months shy of 18 express her maturity and growth as a woman and as an artist? Does she hunker down at the studio, produce her own record, and write her own material? The pop tart demonstrates her independence and worth as a woman by singing racy lyrics and making sure that her skin-tight pants prominently feature her cameltoe.
There is nothing courageous or avant garde about a celeb dressing like a $10 prostitute. Come on bimbos, show a little bit of originality and creativity, show us that you are powerful and independent women by doing something other than dressing like a skank.

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