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Published:July 7th, 2010 13:18 EST
amy winehouse

Idiot Blake Fielder Civil Got Zip In Divorce From Amy Winehouse

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Amy Winehouse`s ex-hubby Blake Fielder Civil has said he got nothing in his divorce from the star.

Blake, 31, was married to the singer for two years before divorcing in 2009. The couple got back together after he came out of prison earlier this year but things didn`t work out.

amy winehouse

Asked what he got in their divorce settlement, he told Britain`s new! magazine: `Nothing.`

`I never asked. I didn`t want to know as I knew from the off that I wasn`t going to [ask for money]. I imagine a few people close to Amy probably jumped for joy and some people close to me - especially my lawyer - said I was an idiot!" Read More

Blake is the perfect example why we shouldn`t dabble in drugs. The idiot could have been set financially for life, if he had only asked what he was legally entitled to for putting up with Winehouse for two years.

Winehouse is a gazillionaire, and she wouldn`t even miss a few million bucks. Blake must have been stoned out of his mind when he instructed his lawyer not to pursue a financial settlement.

If I were married to Wino for just a couple of months, I would demand two million dollars in compensation.

Blake doesn`t even have enough money to rub two rocks of crack together. What an idiot!

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