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Published:July 7th, 2010 18:12 EST
lilndsay lohan

Why Is Everybody Googling "Lindsay Lohan Fingernail?"

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Lindsay Lohan may have been all sobs during her 90-day jail sentencing, begging for understanding and expressing respect for the court on Tuesday. But her middle finger quietly offered another message.

lindsay lohan

Painted on the nail of her left hand was `F--- U.`" Read more

Before Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in jail and 90 days in rehab, the troubled starlet pleaded with the judge that she was taking the hearing seriously.

Lohan`s middle finger tells a different tale, it proves that the pop diva is an immature brat who acts like an elementary school kid.

The pop tart should stand in front of a mirror and give herself the bird, because it`s her career and life that`s "fu****"

There are no legal ramifications for going to court with an obscenity painted on your fingernail, but girlfriend better wipe that message from her nail. If a hardened con sees Lohan`s "FU" nail, the bimbo will have a broken finger.

Doesn`t Lohan have any confidants who aren`t afraid to stand up to her? Wasn`t there one friend with the courage to tell her: Lindsay, you are an idiot if you walk into court with that message on your nail?

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