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Published:July 14th, 2010 16:18 EST
tom jones

Tom Jones Record Label Calls His Gospel Album A Sick Joke

By Robert Paul Reyes


"TOM Jones` record label called his new album a `sick joke` Monday after the singer put together a collection of hymns.

Island Records was furious when it discovered Jones` new album Praise and Blame was gospel music instead of the upbeat pop he usually delivers.

tom jonesThe label, which signed the star for £1.5 million ($2.27 million) in October, was worried the album would flop." Read more

Tom Jones has been in the music business for decades, and when his fans buy one of his records they expect to hear upbeat pop music. For Tom Jones to record a CD of hymns is a sick joke, and his label shouldn`t release his dreadful offering.

Who the hell is going to buy Tom`s new release? Tom Jones` female fans want him to sing songs that will inspire them to take off their panties, not to reach for a Bible.

Tom Jones, 70, must be getting senile. He deserves to rot in hell for making such an awful, simply awful, record.

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