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Published:July 18th, 2010 10:14 EST
oprah winfrey

Kitty Kelley's Oprah Bio Will Soon Be A Movie! Who Should Play Main Roles?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Kitty Kelley`s controversial (and unauthorized) biography on Oprah Winfrey, called `Oprah,` will be made into a TV movie, reports."


oprah winfreyHere are PopEater`s recommendations for the main roles:

Oprah Winfrey: Jennifer Hudson

Oprah`s lover, I mean best friend, Gayle King: Zoe Saldana

Oprah`s longtime boyfriend (Yeah, Right!) Stedman Graham: Jeffrey Wright

Oprah`s protege Dr. Phil: Tom Cruise

Oprah`s competitor in her early years, Phil Donahue: Leslie Nielsen

Oprah`s biographer Kitty Kelley: Joan Allen

Here are my picks:

Oprah Winfrey: Charles S. Dutton (Homeboy will have to gain about 50 pounds for the role)

Gayle King: Wanda Sykes ( May be too feminine for the role)

Stedman Graham: Richard Simmons

Phil Donahue: Betty White (Don`t be surprised Betty is the hottest actress in Hollywood right now, no role is too much of a stretch for her.)

Dr. Phil: I agree with Popeater, Tom Cruise would be perfect. They are both nuttier than a fruitcake!

Kitty Kelley: Joan Rivers

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