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Published:July 18th, 2010 13:38 EST

Paris Hilton: Slightly Skanky But Simply Adorable

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Leave it to Paris Hilton to think that a visit to a spy shop requires her to dress in disguise. Crazy kid!

Hilton, 29, altered her appearance for a shopping spree in Paris.

Channeling her inner mime, the blonde heiress, who usually favors pink dresses and track suits, hit the streets in black leggings paired with a black-and-white-striped bow graphic-print top, and tucked her tresses under a brunette wig and black cap featuring a giant `look-at-me!` white star."

Paris Hilton may have been arrested twice recently for suspicion of possessing marijauna, but basically she`s a good good who just wants to have fun.

Amy Winehouse`s antics reek of sulfur and damnation, and Lindsay Lohan`s shenanigans smell of despair and degradation. But Paris Hilton`s antics are usually hilarious and fun.

What an adorable nut, who else would put on a disguise when she visits a spy shop? Paris may sometimes walk on the skanky side of the street, but we love her.

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