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Published:July 24th, 2010 11:08 EST

Are Alien Beings Hurling Meteorites At House Of Hapless Dude?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Radivoje Lajic first came to international attention in 2008, shortly after the fifth meteorite had crashed into the roof of his house in the northern village of Gornji Lajici.

aliensAnd now, within the past month, another rock has hit the roof of his house, in defiance of all the odds - making it six strikes since the plague of meteorites began in 2007.

50-year-old Lajic has had a steel girder reinforced roof put on the house to protect it from the alien bombardment - which he funded by selling one of the meteorites to a university in the Netherlands."

The odds of this man`s house being hit by a meteorite on six separate occasions is astronomically high. The man claims that he is being targeted by aliens, but his explanation is hogwash. Aliens have better things to do than to play games with an insignificant man with a surname that even human beings can`t pronounce.

Lajic`s house was probably hit by a meteorite only once, but he kept the fragments and every time he needs his roof repaired or an addition built to his humble home, he sells a fragment of the meteorite.

I don`t blame Lajic for his tomfoolery, there aren`t that many ways in Bosnia for a person to make the news and make a few bucks.

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