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Published:July 25th, 2010 11:27 EST
anna chapman

Anna Chapman: The Spy We Love

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said on Saturday he had met with Russian spies swapped in an exchange with the United States earlier this month, and promised them a bright future in Russia.

anna chapman

"I have no doubts they will have interesting, bright lives,` Putin, a former KGB agent, told reporters during a working visit to Ukraine.

Ten people pleaded guilty this month to being agents for Russia while living undercover in the United States in one of the biggest spy scandals since the Cold War." Reuters

Putin, a former spook, appreciates the courage of the Russian spies, and they will indeed have bright lives with the support of the Prime Minister. The Russian spies have earned whatever privileges and benefits come their way courtesy of their government.

I wish the Russian spies long and prosperous lives in Russia, but I hope that the most famous spy, Anna Chapman, has a long and prosperous life in the United States.

The drop-dead gorgeous Anna has captured the hearts of Brits, Russians and Americans. Anna may have been stripped of her British citizenship by England, and she may have been deported by the American government, but the people of the UK and America are praying and hoping that she will move to the West.

Anna would have a much brighter future as an actress, model or real estate agent in the United States. If Putin dispatched the beautiful and intelligent Anna to the United States, it would go a long ways towards improving the relationship between the two superpowers.

The lovely Anna transcends and supersedes national sovereignty and national borders, and she should be allowed to live wherever she darn well pleases. Let`s hope she left her heart in America.

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