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Published:July 26th, 2010 12:01 EST
amy winehouse

Amy Winehouse In Tears: Fears Her Beau Is Cheating On Her

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Singer Amy Winehouse reportedly had an angry confrontation with her new boyfriend over claims he is still dating a stripper.

amy winehouseThe 26-year-old star is dating film director Reg Traviss and there were recent reports that claimed he has been seeing burlesque dancer Raven Isis at the same time.

A source said to UK newspaper Daily Mirror: `Amy was fuming with the stripper and is not one to take things lying down, if you`ll pardon the expression."

Sophie Eager/ MonstersAndCritics.Com

After Amy Winehouse`s finally gave up trying to make things work with her junkie ex-husband, we all breathed a sigh of relief. But we were convinced that the drug-addled singer would simply trade in Blake for another druggie -- we were shocked when she hooked up with the respectable (more or less) film director Reg Traviss.

Up this this point Amy and Reg have enjoyed a fairy tale romance, with the ugly duckling Amy transforming into a beautiful swan. But there are no fairy tales in real life, and rumors are floating around all over the Net that Reg is cheating on Amy with a burlesque dancer.

Crackheads are used to dealing with drama, but if the rumors are true this may be too much stress for poor old Amy. It doesn`t help that the dancer, Raven Isis, is the most beautiful woman in the UK, and perhaps in the world.

If the rumors are true, Amy will be too tormented to ever finish her new album.

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