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Published:July 30th, 2010 12:11 EST
amy winehouse

Dear God Could It Be True? Did Amy Winehouse Lick A Dog?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Amy Winehouse reportedly left punters alarmed by her bizarre behaviour at a London pub recently.

amy winehouseAn onlooker told Closer magazine, `Amy was lying on a table with her boobs hanging out, occasionally getting up to flash them and spray customers with olive oil.`

`Then she walked across the pub to start licking some random person`s dog. It was gross.`" Read More

Fifteen years ago it would have been front page news if a major celeb flashed her boobs, but now it`s practically de rigueur for pop starlets to flash their boobs and their nether regions.

The headline in this article isn`t that Amy was lying on a table with her boobs hanging out, that`s a quite common posture for the drug-addled superstar.

The disturbing news is that Amy Winehouse allegedly licked a dog, it`s hard to believe but it`s reported by a reputable Web Site, MSN.Co.NZ.

The vast majority of my readers have no problems with my bashing of Amy Winehouse. But occasionally I get an email from a Wino fan, informing me that the Rehab singer is a misunderstood genius.

Hello!! Maybe I`m a philistine, but where does genius play a part in the tableaux featuring Winehouse lying on a table with her boobs hanging out?

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