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Published:July 30th, 2010 12:14 EST

Madonna Takes Diva Behavior To An Extreme!

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Pop diva Madonna is so obsessed with her diet that she takes her own private chef to cook her macrobiotic meals on flight.

The `Material Girl` hitmaker is committed to her strict diet and buys her chef a seat on the plane so they can make her personalised in-flight food, Daily Star reported.


On a recent Virgin Atlantic flight from New York to London, the 51-year-old reportedly splashed out thousands on bringing her own chef with her and booked up an entire aisle in upper class for her entourage." Read more

At the risk of offending Global Warming freak Al Gore, Madonna should have flown on a private jet. Regular folks shouldn`t have been exposed to the spectacle of an ageing prima donna taking over an airliner.

Taking her entourage, including her chef, on a commercial flight is taking diva behavior to a new altitude. Madonna would be well-advised to include security personnel in her entourage, her diva antics may cause a passenger to explode in air rage. I don`t condone violence, but I wouldn`t have shed a single tear if a passenger had tossed the Material Girl out the emergency exit.

Fitness freak Madonna isn`t going to pot if she has to eat airline food for one day.

Madonna`s diva shenanigans are tarnishing her legacy beyond repair. I used to love Madonna`s music, but now I cringe whenever I hear her on the radio.

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