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Published:July 31st, 2010 11:51 EST
kara dioguardi

American Idol Fires Cougar Judge Kara DioGuardi

By Robert Paul Reyes


Kara DioGuardi has reportedly been fired from `American Idol,` according to a TMZ source, with a reprieve possible only if a rumored deal with Jennifer Lopez falls through. This right after Ellen DeGeneres announced her departure.

kara dioguardiGetting fired, with one chance to be saved? Sounds a little bit like what happened to big Mike Lynche on the most recent season of the singing competition. And we know how that worked out for him." Read More

Simon Cowell bids farewell! Ellen DeGeneres quits! Kara DioGuardi fired? Good God, the American Idol judges are dropping like flies. Randy Jackson is the only original judge left, and Dogg won`t go anywhere, what the hell else can he do?

Simon Cowell was an iconic figure, and American Idol fans will sorely miss his acerbic wit. Ellen DeGeneres was a bad fit from day one, and we are delighted she`s gone.

Simon leaves a void that can`t be filled, but Kara`s departure will barely cause a ripple. Kara`s comments as a judge were intelligent but forgettable, she will be easily replaced.

Kara had one great moment of genius in the 2009 season when she unveiled her bikini bod during the two-hour finale show. Kara joined "Bikini Girl" (memba her?) during a performance, and at the end of the song the cougar unzipped her dress, and we caught a glimpse of a string bikini she had on underneath.

Kara easily put Bikini Girl in her place, but she had a much more difficult time making a name for herself as a judge.

I will deeply miss Kara the Bikini Babe, but I`ve already forgotten about Kara the American Idol judge.

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