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Published:August 3rd, 2010 14:24 EST
kara dioguardi

Tweet Your Support For Kara DioGuardi! Cougar Too Hot To Be Fired!

By Robert Paul Reyes


"In all the rampant speculation about the shape and size of American Idol`s season 10 judging panel - Ellen is out! Jennifer Lopez is (possibly) in! Steven Tyler is dropping hints! - Kara DioGuardi`s ouster has been all but treated as a foregone conclusion. But it`s worth noting that a Fox spokesperson again declined comment this morning on DioGuardi`s future with the show." Read More

Cougars are hardly an endangered species on television, in fact with ABC`s "Desperate Housewives" and Bravo`s "Housewives of.." franchise there is a surfeit of cougars on the small screen.

kara dioguardiEven if cougars were an endangered species, I would never lobby in favor of keeping them on TV. For every gorgeous cougar like Demi Moore there are a dozen cougars who shouldn`t be out in public, let alone on national TV.

Kara DioGuardi is a cougar, make no mistake about it. It was embarrassing watching Kara make the move on Casey, I hope the young man escaped her clutches with his virtue intact.

But Kara is drop-dead gorgeous, I will never forget the heavenly sight of her in that black bikini. Kara is also a very talented songwriter, and she`s very knowledgeable about the music business. The lovely cougar doesn`t hesitate to offer constructive criticism to the American Idol contestants.

As much as I despise cougars, I beg the American Idol producers not to kick Kara to the curb.

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