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Published:August 4th, 2010 16:13 EST

Pop Tart Amy Winehouse Complains: My Beau Doesn't Respect Me

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Singer Amy Winehouse has reportedly said her boyfriend Reg Traviss has `no respect` for her.

The 26-year-old was allegedly spotted passed out on a table outside the pub that Traviss` parents own at 9:30 in the morning earlier this week.
Winehouse had been drinking through the night with pals and ended up at the Inn 1888 in Marylebone in London."Read more"
Like most junkies and alcoholics Amy Winehouse sees no cause and effect between her drug-addled antics and the way people perceive her. Nobody that I know of has any respect for Wino, it`s because of her shenanigans like passing out on a table outside a bar.

If I passed out drunk in front of the home of a friend of mine, I wouldn`t be surprised if he or she lost all respect for me.

You have to earn respect, it won`t automatically be conferred on you when you achieve superstardom.

Earth to Wino: Maybe, just maybe, if you didn`t pull stunts like passing out drunk in front of a pub owned by your boyfriend`s parents, he might respect you.

Nobody respects Winehouse as a person, and now we don`t even respect her as a musician and singer, because drugs and alcohol have taken a toll on her as a performer.

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