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Published:August 4th, 2010 21:33 EST
lindsay lohan

Will Lindsay Lohan's Jail Journal Be Published? God, Let's Hope Not!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Lindsay Lohan used her time behind bars to brush up on one of her favorite hobbies ... writing -- and TMZ has learned she plans on turning her work into a profit.

lindsay lohan

Sources connected to the jailbird tell us Lohan filled up several notebooks during her incarceration ... documenting `every single thing about her life` in jail ... in the hopes that she can eventually turn the `journal` into a book. Read more

Martin Luther King spent his time behind bars writing the masterpiece, "Letters From a Birmingham Jail". It`s a safe bet that Britney`s journal won`t be required reading in high schools twenty years from now.

I`ve read LiLo`s tweets, and this is what we can expect her journal entries to be like:

OMG! I gotz to wear prison issue granny panties! I could just die! And this orange prison jumpsuit doesn`t match with anything!

Did that jailer just wink at me? She`s not my type but maybe I can play along and convince her to smuggle me sum coke cigs and red bull.

My lame mom wanted me to sign my granny panties and give them to her. She wantz to sell them on eBay so she can getz enuf money for another facelift. Damn those panties are so freakin` huge i could write my memoirs on them.

The literary world is just dying for Lindsay Lohan`s book to be published!

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