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Published:August 17th, 2010 11:16 EST
lindsay lohan

Free Lindsay Lohan

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan could be released from a Californian rehab center by the end of the week, celebrity website TMZ reported Monday.

Sources said Lohan might get out just over two weeks after she entered the facility for a court-ordered, 90-day stint to deal with drug and psychiatric issues.

lindsay lohan

The turnaround reportedly came after doctors found her drug issues were less severe than first thought." Read more

TMZ is the Bible of the entertainment industry, if this celebrity Web site states that Lindsay Lohan could be released by the end of the week, it`s the Gospel truth.

Two weeks is simply not enough time for the pop tart to deal with her drug, alcohol and psychiatric issues. Lohan needs 6 months in rehab just to deal with her compulsion to wear skanky clothes.

The physicians found that Lindsay`s drug issues "were less severe than first thought." These quacks probably think that Oprah Winfrey doesn`t have an issue with weight, and that Mike Tyson is a pleasant fellow no more likely to explode than anybody else.

As an entertainment writer I am delighted that Lohan may be released very soon. I can`t wait to write about the shenanigans that Lohan will indulge in as soon as she is free.

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