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Published:August 17th, 2010 11:54 EST

Snooky The Cat Vs Snooki The Reality Star

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Nicole `Snooki` Polizzi`s application to trademark her nickname for `printed matter, mainly books` was rejected by government officials. Turns out a children`s book called Adventures of Snooky obtained the trademark in 2004. Snooky is a cat who fell off a boat into the ocean and makes some great new friends." Read more
Snooky is an adorable cat who fell off a boat into the ocean and makes some great new friends. Snooky is a delightful kitty who delights children and adults with her heart-warming and life-affirming adventures.

snookiSnooki is a horrid creature with equally horrid friends who have all kinds of skanky adventures. After watching Snooki`s antics on her reality show "Jersey Shore" most people feel like taking a hot shower and then killing themselves.

It`s easier imagining Snooky the cat writing a thesis on string theory, than it is picturing Snooki the skank writing a tweet without the help of a tutor.

I would gladly buy any product bearing the Snooky trademark, but I`d rather be dead than buy anything with the Snooki brand name.

In conclusion:

Snooky: Delightful, adorable, and intelligent

Snooki: Wicked, obnoxious, and clueless

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