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Published:August 18th, 2010 20:01 EST
sarah palin

A Sarah Palin Endorsement Means Defeat For The Candiate

By Robert Paul Reyes

"It hasn`t been the greatest of months for Sarah Palin when it comes to her political star power.

sarah palinThe two candidates Palin backed in Tuesday`s primaries lost their bids, making the former Alaska governor 0-for-5 when it comes to endorsements this month."


Sarah Palin draws crowds wherever she goes, but we shouldn`t mistake this as a sign of her political influence and power. True believers show up to bask in Palin`s glory; the press follow her hoping for another silly sound byte, and guys attend her events simply because she`s hot.

A Palin endorsement is the quickest route for defeat for a Republican candidate. A candidate who really wants to win should politely decline Palin`s endorsement.

Why is a Palin endorsement the kiss of death?

*Voters figure that any candidate that Palin supports must be as vacuous and inconsequential as the former beauty queen.

*Folks don`t like outsiders telling them how to vote, especially when it`s a politician who doesn`t know anything about their state.

*Voters come to the conclusion that any candidate who accepts the Fox News` commentator`s support must be a desperate loser.

*Many people are upset that Palin is neglecting her family to travel all over the country, and they express their disapproval by not voting for the candidate who earned her support.

The voters see right through Palin, they like her as a celebrity, but they realize that politically-speaking she has as much substance as cotton candy.

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