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Published:August 28th, 2010 13:47 EST
paris hilton

Hottie Paris Hilton Arrested For Possession Of Cocaine

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Paris Hilton was released from a Las Vegas jail this morning after being arrested on suspicion of cocaine possession late Friday night, CNN is reporting.

paris hilton According to a police spokesman, the socialite-heiress was a passenger in a vehicle that was observed trailing marijuana smoke. After searching the vehicle, police discovered an unspecified amount of what was later identified as cocaine."

If you see a cloud of marijuana smoke wafting (love that word) from the open windows of a Cadillac Escalade, even money it`s Snoop Dogg or Paris Hilton behind the wheel.

After searching the luxury vehicle, the cops discovered cocaine in Paris Hilton`s purse. No surprise there, if you search Oprah Winfrey`s hand bag you will find Ding Dongs and bon bons, and you you take a look inside Paris Hilton`s purse you`ll find coke, condoms and cosmetics.

Hilton was released on her own recognizance. That means "Hello I`m Paris Hilton, I`m too famous and rich to be behind bars. Let me go suckers."

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